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Science Media Center Germany gGmbH

Mouse egg cells made from skin cells. Driverless car has fatal accident. Trigger for recurring bladder infection discovered. Limits for fine dust and nitrogen oxides diverge. DNA analysis to be extended in criminal cases – the Science Media Center Germany helps journalists with their reporting.

When current events are linked to research and breaking science news causes a public stir – journalists are faced with a challenge: How and where to find quick and reliable scientific expertise? Where to reach experts who are not only willing, but also able, to provide quotable answers and additional information? How to discover sources for factual arguments and hard facts when debates get emotional?

This is where we can help: the Science Media Center Germany, or SMC.

  • We collect expert statements, produce fact sheets, organise press briefings.
  • With scientists from our continually growing expert database.
  • For journalists working for German-speaking media, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • On topics related to medicine and life science, environment and climate, energy and technology.




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  • Public Institution

Science Media Center Germany gGmbH
Telefon: +49 221 8888 25-0
Fax: +49 221 8888 25-29


Rosenstr. 42-44
50678 Köln

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CO2 aus der Luft filtern – kein Klimaschutz ohne CCS? Lecture Earth Sciences
Climate Change
28.11.2018 Köln Detail