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Centralization - The curse of data-centric digital systems?

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In this talk we look at the successful software architectures that have been developed in the past decades for data-centric digital systems within organizations, collaboration between organizations, and as data-centric platforms for service ecosystems in commerce, finance, mobility, energy and health. They all exhibit a strong tendency towards a hierarchical and centralized structure. We identify the driving forces, benefits and beneficiaries of such architectures but also point out their intrinsic disadvantages and threats not only from a technical but more importantly also from a legal, political and ethical perspective. As a consequence, we call for interdisciplinary (social, legal, economic, technical) design research to foster more decentralized, cooperative, federated, peer-to-peer, or user-centered digital data-management architectures.

Since 2002 Florian Matthes holds the chair for Software Engineering for Business Information Systems at Technische Universität München. The current focus of his research is on technologies driving the digital transformation of enterprises and societies: Enterprise architecture management, service platforms and their ecosystems, semantic analysis of legal texts and executable contracts on blockchains.


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Universität Heidelberg - Institut für Informatik


Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
Mathematikon, Raum 1.308
69120 Heidelberg

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