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GOING DIGITAL: What is the Future of Business and Labour?

15.11.2019 bis 20.12.2019

The Discussion Forum of the WEA Online Conference Going Digtial: What is the future of business and labour? has concluded on 20th December, 2019. The Conference was organized into a Keynote Session and a General Session with an inspiring selection of papers.

We would like to thank our Keynote authors, Grazia Ietto-Gillies and Peter Söderbaum, for their contributions that are timely in the attempt to build new conceptualizations and policy agenda. The Keynote addresses provided cutting-edge insights into some of the greatest challenges posed by digitalization in the context of sustainable development and transnational corporations (TNCs). The future directions of research that emerged from the discussion include the need to develop an alternative agenda for the digital economy toward sustainability, and to redefine our understanding of the meaning and operations of TNCs in line with the rapidly changing functioning of the global economy.

We would like to thank all authors contributing to this Conference with multiple perspectives on the stakes in the digitalization debate. This research is relevant and timely. We also thank all commentators who participated in the open access online Discussion Forum for their time and contribution. The discussion revealed the breadth of economic thought considering the variety of perspectives and the study of the world’s diverse sectors and economies.

We conclude that in the present situation, the growing digitalization of the economy necessitates a parallel reflection on risks for democratic processes, privacy, and human rights. Finally, the very meaning of “digital economy” is a subject for further discussion. We need a more transparent debate that opens up questions of societal implications of the on-going changes and how we think about them.

We consider this new way of organizing online conferences and archives a step forward in bringing together on-going research works from contributors all over the world and facilitating discussion and interaction on the conference papers by members from a variety of countries, perspectives and cultures.

Thank you all for your engagement. We hope that this discussion will continue.

Kind regards,
Maria Alejandra Madi, Conference Leader and a Chair of the WEA Conferences Program
Malgorzata Dereniowska, Co-Leader and a member of the Planning and Organization Committe



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