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Taking stock of G20 sectoral ambition on decarbonising transport

Beginn 14:00 Uhr, Ende 15:00 Uhr

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Agora Verkehrswende jointly organize the webinar “Taking stock of G20 sectoral ambition on decarbonising transport”. This webinar presents the main conclusions of the report “Towards Decarbonising Transport – Taking Stock of G20 Sectoral Ambition” that has been released at COP23. Furthermore, the webinar participants are asked to feed their views into the 2nd edition to be released by GIZ and Agora Verkehrswende at COP24.

The transport sector consumes more than half of global oil demand and accounts for almost one quarter of global energy-related CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the sector’s emissions are on the rise, with some forecasts predicting emissions to grow 60% by 2050. Such projected increases pose a major challenge to climate policy. They underscore that significant progress in reducing CO2 emissions in transport is essential for meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.

In order to spotlight the crucial importance of the transport sector for climate policy, GIZ and Agora Verkehrswende have jointly compiled the report “Towards Decarbonising Transport – Taking Stock of G20 Sectoral Ambition”. The report summarises the mitigation policies enacted for the transport sector by G20 countries, and illuminates where more action is needed. Ultimately, the report aims to serve as a valuable tool for the climate community to gain a better understanding of the overall status of CO2 mitigation policies in the transport sector.



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