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Privacy International

Privacy International challenges overreaching state and corporate surveillance, so that people everywhere can have greater security and freedom through greater personal privacy.

Privacy International (PI) is a registered charity based in London that works at the intersection of modern technologies and rights.

PI envisions a world in which the right to privacy is protected, respected, and fulfilled. Privacy is essential to the protection of autonomy and human dignity, serving as the foundation upon which other human rights are built. In order for individuals to fully participate in the modern world, developments in law and technologies must strengthen and not undermine the ability to freely enjoy this right.

How We Fight
We challenge governments' powers by advocating and litigating for stronger protections. We lead research and investigations to shine a light on powers and capabilities, and to instigate and inform debate. We advocate for good practices and strong laws worldwide to protect people and their rights. We equip civil society organisations across the world to increase public awareness about privacy. We raise awareness about technologies and laws that place privacy at risk, to ensure that the public is informed and engaged.


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Privacy International


62 Britton Street
EC1M 5UY London
Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Title Industry Topic Date Location
How Apps on Android Share Data with Facebook - Report Conference All Social Media
29.12.2018 bis 30.12.2018 Leipzig Detail