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The Next Crash as an Opportunity

Start 09:00, End 20:30

Many experts assess the risk of a further collapse of the banking and financial system as very high. If this proves true, society and politics should be better prepared this time and not have to rescue the banks and financial markets at the expense of society again. Otherwise, there is a threat of a serious political crisis of legitimacy, a further rise of anti-democratic movements and an existential threat to the European project.

Yet at present the issue of a possible crisis is hardly represented in public debate. At the political level, day-to-day business is at the centre of attention and the immense social significance of the financial system is also a blind spot for most civil society organisations.

The conference "The Next Crash as an Opportunity - Scenarios and Reform Potentials" will counter this state of affairs with something constructive. 300-400 experts, decision-makers and actors from politics, business, civil society and science will discuss the danger of the next financial crisis and develop and exchange visionary ideas on financial market reforms, monetary and fiscal policy and the future of money, the euro and banks. The focus will not be on pessimistic disaster scenarios, but on the wide variety of forward-looking political options for action. In the ideal case, the next crash can thus be prevented or used as an opportunity to carry out the transformation towards a sustainable, fair and stable monetary and financial system, with which society in particular can adequately counter the threat of climate catastrophe.



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