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Music Against Child Labour Initiative

The global Music Against Child Labour Initiative was launched in 2013. It brings together key partners in the world of music - famous conductors, musicians, musicians' organizations and music education bodies - and the ILO, through its International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour. The Initiative’s Manifesto calls on orchestras, choirs and musicians of all genres worldwide to dedicate one concert between February 2013 and December 2017 to the struggle against child labour.

Claudio Abbado; José-Antonio Abreu; Alessio Allegrini (Founder, Musicians for Human Rights); Daniel Barenboim; Pilar Jurado; Benoît Machuel (General Secretary of the International Federation of Musicians); Diego Matheuz; Rodolfo Mederos; Eduardo Mendez (Executive Director of the Simon Bolivar Music Foundation “El Sistema”); Antonio Mosca (Director of the Suzuki Orchestra, Turin); Guy Ryder (Director General, ILO); Blasko Smilevski (General Secretary of Jeunesses Musicales International)



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Music Against Child Labour Initiative



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