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MaLisa Foundation

The MaLisa Foundation was established in 2016 by Maria and Elisabeth Furtwängler. Its aim is to create a free, equal society. On an international level, it campaigns to end violence against women and girls. In Germany, it also focuses on promoting social diversity and overcoming restrictive role models.

The founders of the MaLisa Foundation have many years of international experience. Since 1998, Maria Furtwängler has served as a voluntary doctor with German Doctors and witnessed the everyday presence of violence against women in the slums of Nairobi, Calcutta, Gujarat and in the Philippines, where it has come to be seen as part of normality. During her travels through Cambodia and the Philippines, Elisabeth was also confronted by the impact and consequences of the sexual exploitation of young girls and women. In order to provide practical help, Maria and Elisabeth Furtwängler founded the MaLisa Home in 2011, a safe house for girls who had been victims of human trafficking and enforced prostitution in the Philippines.



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MaLisa Foundation


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