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Lionesses of Africa

Welcome to the home for Africa's women entrepreneurs. We're all about women entrepreneurs celebrating success, exchanging stories, connecting and networking, learning from like-minded women, and inspiring and mentoring the next generation of women-led startups in Africa.
Lionesses of Africa was inspired by the realisation that, just as for lionesses in the prides that live and hunt on the plains of Africa, life is tough for women entrepreneurs in this part of the world. Each day, just as in the prides, these women entrepreneurs battle for recognition, they fight for their futures, they look to gain a share of voice above the noise, and they aim to do all this whilst maintaining personal and business relationships, raising families and creating homes. Lionesses of Africa aims to recognise all those women entrepreneurs in Africa who are an inspiration to us all, those who have made it to the top of their fields and who are shaking up their industries and business sectors.

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Lionesses of Africa
Melanie Hawken


South Africa