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The Strange State of the Liberal International Order

Start 18:00

Lecture by Professor Daniel Drezner. The state of the liberal international order is not good. There are two commonly perceived threats to its future: authoritarian revisionism from without, and populist nationalism from within. Intriguingly, this narrative echoes the debates that occurred during the 1980s, when US hegemony was commonly perceived to be on the wane. In that time, Susan Strange proved to be uncommonly prescient about the actual sources of instability. In his lecture, Professor Drezner will retrace her logic, which strongly suggests that the problems with the liberal international order are not coming from without, but from within. The good news is that the viability of the liberal international order can be sustained for quite some time. The bad news is that the willingness to sustain it remains precarious at best.

Speaker: Professor Daniel Drezner (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University)
Moderator: Professor Amrita Narlikar (President of the GIGA)

Lecture will be held in English.
Seating is limited; please register early to avoid disappointment.



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