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Air quality has become an urgent issue in European cities, which are struggling to reduce pollutants. Until today, most activities are dedicated to reducing impact from cars, however, also construction machinery emit the equivalent of hundreds of kilometers of a driving car every hour.

Construction machinery includes not only excavators and other heavy machines but also hand-held tools and small petrol or diesel generators. Small portable engines <19kW are very common, especially in construction, gardening and landscaping. Generators are still mostly without clean alternatives but contribute disproportionally to the emissions due to low standards, idling and oversizing. Oversizing is needed for starting the load, and idling occurs from workflow interruptions, external conditions, and negligence.

The environmental authorities of the EU and the US (EEA and EPA) ascertain that the few construction machines (compared to no. of cars) are responsible for as much as 15-20% of the emissions in the cities.

We are piloting zero-emission battery-driven power-supply for professional use to replace diesel driven generators for work on construction sites. The objective is to significantly reduce local emissions in the Cities.

Mobile electric power supply is needed in construction sites, at outdoor workplaces, for work in the underground and in remote areas, for emergency aid and industrial applications all over the world. Hence, there is a missing link between the need to reduce emissions from generators and ensuring off-grid energy to the people. A zero-emission battery-driven power-supply for professional use would provide this for the first time. Moreover, it brings battery-powered small equipment to full benefit, which often needs to be charged more than once a day.

Substituting fuel-driven generators with battery systems would reduce local air pollution and enhance peoples’ health and quality of life. Taken the whole life cycle emissions and other types than renewable energy during use into account, the battery solution is advantageous.


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