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#twentyforty talks – A Drink with Preeti Mudliar

Start 17:00

Following the digital launch of the twentyforty anthology at the beginning of April, we are pleased to invite you to the twentyforty talks. Each digital live event will feature a conversation between a twentyforty author and one of our researchers at HIIG. The discussion will provide you with interesting background information on the author’s story and their academic context. You are warmly invited to ask questions directly via Slido.

Preeti Mudliar’s short story “In Mangal’s New World” attempts to understand the world of people who occupy positions of marginality and find themselves vulnerable to the top-down diktats of technological systems. Specifically, it examines the enforcement of biometric authentication through fingerprints on the poor so that they can obtain state-sponsored entitlements of essential commodities. In conversation with Bronwen Deacon (HIIG), Preeti Mudliar will expand on how she got the initial idea of the plot and explain her understanding of a digital utopia.



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