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Eva Illouz: Capitalist subjectivity and the internet

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In her lecture, Eva Illouz takes a closer look at the dating app Tinder. In regards to how people interact with the app, she will address the notion of scopic capitalism, a form of exploitation of the (woman’s) body that is based on the gaze. The circulation of images on Tinder resonates with the cultural transformation of women’s bodies in the cultural industries throughout the 20th century. The lecture examines the formal features of the app – how they create cultural pathways for sexual encounters – and the real consequences on the emotional world of users. More generally, what does it mean to attempt to form emotions through the virtual world? Does this change love and romance and affect emotions in general? How are people engaging emotionally online? Is digital technology changing the way we experience relationships?

Eva Illouz is Professor of Sociology at the The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Directrice of Studies at the Centre européen de sociologie et de science politique, CSE-EHESS in Paris. Her research and teaching focus on emotions, capitalism, culture and communication, in particular cultural aspects at the intersection of emotion and communication.


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