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Institute for Open Communication Systems

20 billion – this is how many connected devices will be in private homes and businesses by the year 2020. This development will fundamentally change communication and interaction in all areas of life and work, from highly automated driving and new entertainment options to smart cities and the factory of tomorrow. Digitalization should ensure a higher quality of life, more sustainability and more security. To achieve this, devices have to be connected – but so does (almost) everything else: people, things, systems, processes and organizations.

Innovative applications and business models usually come about through the intelligent integration of data from different sources and domains. An understanding of the different industry-specific and legal requirements is needed here, because there is not just one type of digital transformation. We have many years of experience in the fields of mobility, public safety, administration, e-health and media, with additional technical expertise in systems quality, network infrastructures and software-based systems.

We view ourselves as a provider- and technology-independent mediator between industry, research and the public sector. We advise our customers in politics, administration and industry on their digitalization strategy and help them implement it. To do this, we provide test environments and develop prototypes that are secure, interoperable, and user-oriented.


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Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31
10589 Berlin

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Title Industry Topic Date Location
19. ACM Symposium on Document Engineering Symposium Computer Science
23.09.2019 bis 26.09.2019 Berlin Detail
8th FOKUS Media Web Symposium Symposium Media Print/Online
Movie and Media
21.05.2019 bis 22.05.2019 Berlin Detail
(Un)berechenbar? Algorithmen und Automatisierung Conference Mechanical Engineering
23.11.2017 Berlin Detail