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About the invention of creativity in capitalism

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The traditional bourgeois ideal of leisure had inspired Marx, Keynes and Russell to reflect on the abolishment of work. But the ideal of leisure was transformed into the practice of spare time (including the reduction of working hours), accompanied by the rise of consumer culture. The compensation of work efforts by increased consumption is changing into an agility test of work itself, which is transformed into creativity in the knowledge based society. This reaches so far that work is interpreted in an entrepreneurial way (as “creative entrepreneurship”). Is this the humanisation of work – promised in the 1970s but not achieved – which the philosopher Elizabeth Anderson demands for another reason: because of the unique social fact that private control is still exercised in industry?

Priddat, Birger P. (2019): Arbeit und Muße: Luther, Schiller, Marx, Weber, Lafargue, Keynes, Russell, Marcuse, Precht. About a European hope of transforming work into higher activity, Weimar: Metropolis Verlag.

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