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Forum for Interdisciplinary Research

Diversity is an important resource for scientific productivity that cannot be planned, but only cultivated. It enables innovative research, but requires completely different instruments for its protection and development than the individual research projects themselves.

The Forum for Interdisciplinary Research has therefore created a variety of different event and funding formats that enable custom-fit work. It raises the question of what exactly is meant by inter-, trans- and multidisciplinary work only when it is relevant to the planning of concrete projects. Basically, it always follows the maxim of maintaining the freedom to pragmatically cultivate the research environment at this university.

Its main tasks are naturally to be found where new fields of research are developing, such as in the field of digitalisation, which involves the question of so-called digital humanities as well as the areas of self-driving cars and 3D printing, for instance. FiF also takes the initiative whenever research becomes relevant for political decision-making processes. The topics of energy, data security, scientific communication and cyberwar are just a few examples.


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Power of information intermediaries – powerlessness of law? Lecture Law
Media Print/Online
Social Media
10.11.2020 Darmstadt Detail
About the invention of creativity in capitalism Lecture Economy
Future of work
28.10.2020 Darmstadt Detail