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Agriculture Goes Digital – Smart Solutions for Future Farming

17.01.2019 to 18.01.2019
Start 12:00, End 16:00

The current world population of around 7 billion people is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. Feeding these people with the available scarce natural resources will be the most urgent global challenge of our future. We need to make smart, efficient and sustainable use of these resources and their potential around the globe.

The opportunities offered by innovations and technologies in the digital age are a key factor in ensuring food security. These are, in part, cost-efficient, readily available and can be applied almost anywhere in the world. Today already, digital solutions enable farmers to manage their farms in a way that is more resource-conserving and environmentally-friendly, reduce losses along the value-added chain, increase yields or gain easier access to counselling services.

Nevertheless, there are always unresolved questions regarding the benefits and implications for the environment, industry and society that result from the use of technologies. Against this backdrop, the following questions, inter alia, are to be discussed at the 11th GFFA in Berlin:

→ What is the potential offered by digital technologies and innovations?
→ How do farmers gain access to these and how can they be tailored to meet their needs and the needs of consumers?
→ How can we ensure data sovereignty and *data security+?
→ How can we build confidence for digital technologies and innovations?

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Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
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