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Everyday Chaos

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What's Happening to the Future?

The Internet and AI are not only changing the future, they're changing our ideas about how the future arises from the present. With this comes changes in some of our most basic and ancient strategies for surviving, managing, and thriving.

In his new book, Everyday Chaos, David Weinberger points to accepted ways we work on the Internet that in fact undo our old assumptions about how the future works: rather than attempting to anticipate what will happen and prepare for it, the Internet is training us to flourish by creating more and more unfathomable possibilities. The Net has also lowered the cost of operating without principles, hypotheses, or even hunches about what will work.
AI in the form of machine learning now is providing us with a model -- a model of models -- of how the future happens, with implications that range from how businesses make decisions to how we think about strategy, progress, explanations, morality, and even the nature of meaning itself.
These changes can be "metaphysically terrifying," Weinberger says, but ultimately are an evolutionary step of a Copernican magnitude.


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