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Achieving carbon neutrality in Southeast Europe

Start 12:00, End 17:45

Countries throughout Southeast Europe (SEE) have high shares of lignite-fired electricity in the mix, generated by an ageing fleet of power plants. About 50 percent of the region’s lignite generation capacity must be modernised or replaced in the next decade. Investment choices in the next three to five years will thus determine whether SEE avoids a fossil fuel lock-in as most of the planned new coal plants in Europe are in this region.

Proponents of clean energy alternatives struggle to present convincing narratives on the coal-to-clean energy transition in national debates in the region. Power market reforms are introduced at a slow pace and regional integration and cooperation remains a serious challenge. As a result, RES deployment remains far below the economically viable potential.

This conference aims to look at some of the burning questions surrounding the ongoing reforms in the energy sector in Europe, assessing the status quo and discussing options and requirements for finally moving towards a decarbonised energy future. It shall support a fact-based dialogue on the energy transition in Southeast Europe and create a space for making inclusive alliances comprised of governments, EU institutions, utilities, think-tanks, NGOs and citizens.



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