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Energy Transition in the Power Sector in Europe: State of Affairs in 2019

Start 13:00, End 15:15

How much power did renewable energies produce in 2019? How did greenhouse gas emissions develop last year? How high was the electricity consumption in 2019? Is Europe on course to meet its 2020 climate and energy targets?

For the fifth consecutive year, Agora Energiewende is cooperating with Sandbag to develop a report on the state of the energy transition in the power sector in Europe. The annual review uses recent statistical data to identify major developments in the European power sector by way of accessible charts and graphs. Key topics of the publication include power generation, power consumption, CO2 emissions, and performance of the EU-27. This serves as background to reflect on where we are coming from, where we stand today, and what to look out for in 2020.

The launch event on 5 February in Brussels will start with a presentation of the key findings by Fabian Hein, analyst at Agora Energiewende and one of the principal authors of the study. It will be followed by a panel debate with

  • Aurélie Beauvais, Policy Director, SolarPower Europe,
  • Ivàn Pineda, Director of Public Affairs, WindEurope and
  • Aleksandra Tomczak, Member of Cabinet of Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President European Commission

in order to place the results into context. Of course, the audience is also invited to pose questions and actively get involved in the discussion.




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