Beyond EVE

Welcome to the new platform beyond Eve

Working together,, the (emerging) platform for organizations and companies looking to work together on a sustainable, connected, innovative world, with equal opportunities for participation and education.

There are invited all organizations and companies that are already involved or will arise to participate actively in these processes of change. In all industries, in science, technology and art, media and politics. These include networks, professional associations, research and educational institutions, funded projects and programs, companies and other professional or social organizations.

Use this platform to be quickly and effectively visible to educational seekers and interested parties, or to post information and invitations to events or lectures. Introduce your work, commitment, educational program or organization. For more information on the terms and conditions please check the terms and conditions

Why you should join!

  1. The search for information has been so facilitated that with a few clicks your organization or your event can be found by interested parties.
  2. Find and let me find you. Work towards common goals with other initiatives in your region. Together you can achieve more.
  3. Set your events and educational formats. Reach more people in your area or your fields of interest.
  4. Link the livestreams or recordings of your events to your event entry.
  5. Get more attention for your latest research or research, link the information to your own pages.

Support us to design the platform even better for your purposes.
We appreciate your Feedback

August 18th 2018, Katrin Lowitz