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Jennet Connant - The Great Secret: The Classified World War II Disaster That Launched the War on Cancer — with Michael Nevins

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Bestselling author Jennet Connant presents her newest book, THE GREAT SECRET for Politics and Prose, moderated by Dr. Michael Nevins.

The gripping story of a chemical weapons catastrophe, the cover-up, and how one American Army doctor's discovery led to the development of the first drug to combat cancer, known today as chemotherapy.

Jennet Conant is the New York Times best-selling author of several books, including Tuxedo Park, 109 East Palace, The Irregulars, and the critically acclaimed Man of the Hour.

Dr. Michael Nevins attended Dartmouth College, and Tufts Medical School. He spent the first two years of his residency at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital, then served two years as a captain in the US Air Force at Walker Air Force Base in Roswell, NM, before finishing his training, including a fellowship in cardiology, at Mount Sinai Hospital in NY. In 1968 he opened a practice in cardiology and internal medicine in Bergen County, N.J., and enjoyed a long and distinguished medical career until his retirement in 2012. One of the first local physicians to welcome him when he arrived at Bergen Pines Hospital was Stewart Alexander, then a respected senior internist who would eventually become his mentor and friend. Dr. Nevins is known as the author of many articles in medical journals and ten books on subjects related to medical history and ethics.



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