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Der dunkle Spiegel – Edward Snowden und die globale Überwachungsindustrie

Beginn 18:00 Uhr

Barton Gellman - Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden and the American Surveillance State - in conversation with David Ignatius

Now based at New York’s Century Foundation, Gellman, who won a Pulitzer for his part of The Washington Post’s coverage of 9/11 and again for his reports on Edward Snowden’s NSA files, draws on his extensive experience with national security and technology to give a deeply reported account of the modern surveillance state. Starting with the full story of Snowden’s leaks—compiled, with many new details, from extensive interviews conducted in Moscow—Gellman explores in detail the alliance between the Bush and Obama administrations and big tech and big telecom and interweaves a chilling example of the state’s new cyber powers with an account of discovering his own name in Snowden’s files, being approached by strangers with fake documents, and discovering anomalies in his laptop. Gellman will be in conversation with David Ignatius, author of The Paladin.

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