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Casey Schwartz - Attention: A Love Story

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Casey Schwartz - Attention: A Love Story — in conversation with Franklin Foer

As we become increasingly distracted by electronic devices—unlocking iPhones an average of 80 times a day, twice as often for millennials—we’re looking more closely at what the digital age is robbing us of: attention and focus. Expanding on her New York Times Magazine article, "Generation Adderall," Schwarz, author of In the Mind Fields, blends memoir, biography, and reporting for a close look at what it means to pay attention—or not. Working from her own experience with prescription drugs intended to enhance attention, she considers our cultural craving for both distractions and cures from distraction and examines the question in the work and lives of writers such as David Foster Wallace, Aldous Huxley, William James, and Simone Weil.

Casey Schwartz will be in conversation with Franklin Foer, staff writer at The Atlantic.


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