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In Search of Impact – How to Promote Transdisciplinary Research for Society and Science

Beginn 17:00 Uhr, Ende 19:00 Uhr

To foster transformation to a more sustainable status in a specific field of action the transdisciplinary research approach is used more and more frequently. During the last years the scientific foundations for the transdisciplinary research practice have been evolved consequently. By integrating multiple disciplines as well as the expertise of partners from societal practice, transdisciplinary researchers are able to look at a problem from many angles, with the goal of making both societal and scientific advances. Research for solving complex societal problems has become complex itself. Recent research results show that the involvement of social actors (participation) increases the societal impact of research. The results significantly indicate that the active involvement of actors outside academia from the very beginning of research processes ('co-design') as well as the deliberate formulation of the intended societal and scientific outcomes and impact already at the project constitution is of high relevance for the efficiency of the research process and results. In this lecture different conceptual approaches (e.g. real-world laboratories), methods and success factors are presented, with which participative research can be supported. In addition, current research results dealing with questions of the connection between methods and processes and the societal impact potentials of transdisciplinary research will be reported. Finally, a research-based, transdisciplinary curriculum is introduced.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Bergmann
ISOE - Frankfurt a.M. and Leuphana University



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Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4
Audimax, Lecture Hall E
24118 Kiel

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