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Bridging the Gap: From Science to Societal Impact, how to maximise value creation from research using transdisciplinary multi-actor approaches

Beginn 17:00 Uhr, Ende 19:00 Uhr

The European Commission announced that "the European Union is a research powerhouse [and is] still the world's leading producer of scientific knowledge, ahead of the United States. However, Europe too rarely succeeds in turning research into innovation, in getting research results to market".
To respond to this, the concept of 'Open Innovation' has been launched, which is further supplemented by numerous legislations, processes and strategies promoting complementary philosophies. One such communication being the European Commission's Investment Plan for Europe where it is stated that to "boost research and innovation, [European Union] competitiveness would benefit from fewer barriers to knowledge transfer, open access to scientific research and greater mobility of researchers" .

In this seminar, David Murphy will introduce our knowledge transfer processes, reflect on AquaTT's experiences and provide some recommendations for researchers who want to achieve measurable impact from their projects.

David Murphy AquaTT, Dublin



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Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4
Audimax, Lecture Hall E
24118 Kiel

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