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Macroeconomics of Socio-Ecological Transition

29.10.2020 bis 31.10.2020
Beginn 09:00 Uhr, Ende 20:00 Uhr

Social inequalities, climate change and environmental pollution question the sustainability of capitalist modes of production, consumption and policies. Macroeconomists of both orthodox and heterodox traditions have long fo-cussed on economic growth as the central means to development of the global South, prosperity and solution to distributional conflicts. However, the externalities of economic growth should be taken into account, because they have an impact on welfare and its distribution – within and between countries, within and between generations. At our conference, we will discuss what macroeconomists can contribute to this debate and learn from other fields. How does global capitalism shape the environment? What can macroeconomic policies do to facilitate a just tran-sition towards a sustainable world economy? What are the feedbacks from distributional effects and ecological developments back to the macro economy? How to improve macroeconomic modelling by including socio-ecological dimensions?



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