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Geo Week 2019

04.11.2019 bis 09.11.2019

Join us to ensure Earth observations drive productivity & inclusive growth across our economies.
In November 2019, Ministers from GEO’s 105 Member governments, business leaders, heads of international non-profits and passionate experts will meet in Canberra, Australia for GEO Week 2019 and the GEO Ministerial Summit.
Canberra means ‘meeting place’ in Ngunnawal, the local indigenous language. Recognizing the history of the land and its traditional custodians, GEO Week will bring together diverse people and cultures to support and sustain our planet and communities.
Building on the 2015 Mexico City Declaration, GEO Week will focus on accelerating the delivery of GEO’s Strategic Plan and will bring the GEO community together to scale-up the impact of Earth observations.
The week’s events will ensure that data about our planet becomes a core input to strategic decision making and key to day-to-day economic, environmental and development decisions.


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