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Big Earth Observation: Big Data

Beginn 14:30 Uhr, Ende 16:00 Uhr

The provision of analysis ready data (ARD) and decision - ready products is a grand challenge for the GEO community. To realise its transformative potential, Earth observation must have faster, broader, deeper and sustained impacts, calling for operational, decision ready products and ready-to-use data. Digital Earth Africa Program, which will provide a routine, reliable and operational service enabling African countries to track changes across the continent, will rely on ARD to ensure efficient time-series analyses and data interoperability. DE Africa products will help to address many of the challenges facing the African continent and other parts of the world. This Event will showcase major advances in the production and provision of ARD and the associated benefits, recently recognised in Nature . Participants from industry, research, government and the user community will discuss progress and emerging challenges and will focus on the role of the international community to address those challenges; - A Call to Action for the GEO community.

Organizers: The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites Geoscience Australia; Japan Space Exploration Agency (JAXA); Planet Labs; UK Space Agency; National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA - CEOS System Engineering Office); Amazon (Australian Team); Australian National University; PCI Geomatica; Catapult


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