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Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2020

12.10.2020 bis 13.10.2020

Fashion is one of the largest, most resource intensive industries, but also a powerful engine for global growth and development. The current model, however, is pushing the earth beyond its planetary boundaries and challenging social justice. An industry primarily built on short-term financial incentives has many consequences, including the continuous creation of new collections, trends fuelling the demand to consume new products, overproduction driving prices down and underuse leading to vast amounts of waste. In a time when new technology is enabling traditional business models to disrupt, businesses and organisations have the opportunity to re-evaluate the current growth logic and call for systemic change.

Redesigning Value: How do we define value in fashion post-crisis?

The time for a reset has arrived. The worldwide pandemic is forcing fashion – a resource-intensive industry and a powerful engine for global growth and job creation – to undergo a dramatic transformation that is playing out in real time day by day, hour by hour.

When our industry begins to recover, we must be ambitious in rebuilding a better new normal. Redesigning Value, the updated theme for Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2020, 12­–13 October, will navigate the current and future realities facing our industry as it weathers the storm of a global health and economic crisis – the repercussions of which will be felt for years to come.


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