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Databite No. 138: Lawgorithms: Everything Poverty Lawyers Need to Know about Tech, Law, and Social Justice

Beginn 14:00 Uhr, Ende 16:00 Uhr

Join Michele Gilman for a conversation with Professor Meredith Broussard on enhancing the digital literacy of poverty lawyers to better advocate for social justice and the low-income communities they serve.

Automated decision-making systems make decisions about our lives, and those with low socioeconomic status often bear the brunt of the harms these systems cause. Poverty Lawgorithms: A Poverty Lawyers Guide to Fighting Automated Decision-Making Harms on Low-Income Communities is a guide by Data & Society Faculty Fellow Michele Gilman to familiarize fellow poverty and civil legal services lawyers with the ins and outs of data-centric and automated-decision making systems so that they can clearly understand the sources of the problems their clients are facing and effectively advocate on their behalf.

Closed Captioning provided. Please contact with other accessibility requests at least 72 hours prior to the event.



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