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Enforcing Rights in a Changing World

27.01.2021 bis 29.01.2021

Humanity is going through a historical moment with a global pandemic reshaping our lives and the world we live in. Public health measures combined with tech solutionism is taking surveillance to the next level. Surveillance has become more and more normalized into our lives. Contact tracing apps and wearables are being introduced while governments are discussing immunity passports and long-term border restrictions. The global economy is in the opening stages of a recession which means that the inequalities will grow further in the aftermath of this pandemic. We are moving more of our lives online. Telemedicine and online classrooms are likely to become staples of everyday life. Amidst all these changes, is there also a change in the way we are looking at things and rethinking the possible? What will be the legacy of this pandemic on human rights including privacy and data protection? How do we enforce individual and collective rights in a changing world?

  • Innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to enforcement and oversight
  • Data protection and inequality
  • Digital infrastructures as sites of power
  • Health and medtech
  • Appification of everything
  • Balancing rights in extreme situations
  • Public health surveillance
  • Surveillance of migration and borders
  • Data protection and law enforcement
  • New perspectives on privacy and data protection
  • The role of privacy and other fundamental rights in data protection
  • Right to an effective remedy
  • Privacy and data protection in the public sector
  • Socio-economic rights and data protection
  • Visual and artistic approaches to privacy and data protection
  • Algorithmic harms and data justice



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Computers, Privacy & Data Protection